Dassault Systèmes

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G-Gen Agency manages Dassault Systèmes’s French press relations and is in charge of the major transactions involving a wide public. Example: an operation conducted in 2012 with media couverage of Paris 3D.


Increasing awareness of Dassault Systèmes among the general public.

Actions / Objectives

– Ensuring that the Paris 3D project is known among mainstream media. This project aims to rebuild major Parisian monuments through the ages (via a TV documentary, an interactive website, an iPad app, a book with augmented reality …).
– Setting up exclusive media negotiation to ensure a qualitative impact following the launch.
– Organising an event in front of the local Town Hall with the presence of news reporters and TV channels.
– Arranging the presence of Reuters TV Press Agency for international recognition.

Impact / Results

Consumer awareness greater since Paris 3D. 450 press articles. International visibility.