Institut HIP / Mission ScanPyramids

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Supporting the HIP Institute (Héritage – Innovation – Préservation) and launching the mission “Scan Pyramids” to discover the secret of the greatest pyramids of Egypt through new technologies. This Egyptian-international project is under the authority of Department, and is coordinated by HIP Institute and implement non-invasive and non-destructive detection techniques to scan the Antiquities of Egypt.


– PR : on 25th October organizing an international press conference with awareness of foreign correspondents to get international visibility. Negotiation of exclusive media to ensure a major media coverage. Accompanying of the spokesman Mehdi Tayoubi and organization of interviews. Multi format content creation.
Insuring the continuity of mediation throughout the project to reveal the findings.


An international media coverage with about 200 qualitative media impacts obtained in just 2 weeks. An international buzz which highlights the HIP Institue missions.